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Imagine if someone could recover your rent arrears
in full – and within just a few days.

Now imagine if this service was available to you
at no cost whatsoever . . .

For many, recovery of rent arrears from commercial property can be a long, hard,
expensive slog – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right approach
you can rapidly recover your rent arrears in full – and without it costing you a penny.
The right approach to commercial rent recovery is a delicate and specialist skill – something that’s a long way
from the bully-boy bailiff stereotype. Commercial rent recovery requires a balance of tact and tactics,
presence and perseverance, and it needs an outstanding understanding of the law.

The successful application of this approach is something we at The Sheridan Bailiff
Company have practiced for over 20 years and we’re happy to help you reap the benefits.

Our website explains more about commercial rent recovery, our business and why you can rely on us
to rapidly recover your arrears in full and for FREE. We’re here to help, so if
you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us on 0845 230 5657 or email The Sheridan Bailiff Company

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